Fourteen Forty to help global fintech Paysend build its brand and reputation

Paysend, the global fintech based in the UK, has appointed Fourteen Forty to help it build its brand and reputation among users, the fintech industry and investors.

Fourteen Forty will help Paysend build its brand around the proposition it developed that “moving money changes lives” around the world.

Fourteen Forty to promote Corporate Learning Solutions Respectful Workplace training

Corporate Learning Solutions, the leadership and soft skills training specialist, has appointed Fourteen Forty to help raise its profile among c-suite, HR and specialist sector audiences.

Fourteen Forty to promote Caple’s unsecured finance service to growing businesses

Caple, the alternative SME credit specialist, has appointed Fourteen Forty to help raise its profile in the small and medium business finance market.

Fourteen Forty to promote expanding 23.5 Degrees franchisee to property market

23.5 Degrees, Starbucks first UK franchised business partner, has appointed Fourteen Forty to help raise its profile in the property market as it pursues ambitious growth plans.

Fourteen Forty to promote Xero to industry and stakeholder groups

Xero, the online platform for small businesses and their advisors, has appointed Fourteen Forty as its new stakeholder relations consultancy in the UK.

The agency will work alongside Xero’s media relations agency, The Academy, to help build relationships with a wider group of critical audiences. These include professional intermediaries and potential commercial partners, representative bodies, policy makers and government.

Why ‘Fourteen Forty’?

The printing press dates back to 1440.  Before that hand-written manuscripts were only for the privileged few.

The press did more than make mass communications possible.  It was one of the foundations of modern democracy.  The press enabled people to share what they knew and discovered, to build on each other’s work. They didn’t have to start from scratch each time.

Fourteen Forty launches to help make the case for business

A new communications consultancy, Fourteen Forty, has launched to help businesses connect in better ways with the range of people, influencers and interest groups on whom their success depends.  In doing so, it will also set out to make the case for business as the country’s wealth and job creator.