We give our clients the right team for them. Not one that’s based on the headcount we have in the office and that needs to be kept busy. As well as our own people, we work with reliable independent consultants to match our offer to what clients really need.

Guy Corbet

Individual and group staff portraits at Fourteen Forty in Whitehall Gardens and in their offices at 8 Northumberland Avenue, 18th November 2017 Photography by Fergus Burnett Accreditation required with all use - 'fergusburnett.comWith more than 25 years in the communications industry, I’ve launched companies and products, advised senior executives, handled major crises and shaped, built and protected brands and reputations.

Sian Aherne

Sian Ahern photo 3For the last 20 years, I have helped innovative, technology non- and for- profit organisations create thoughtful communications campaigns that deliver business value.

Jan McQuillan

I am a content strategist and writer, largely specialising in B2B. My experience spans a range of industries such as SaaS, fintech, ecommerce, social media, and insurance, as well as broader business and technology.

Paul Farrow

During 35 years in finance, journalism and communications, I have advised and coached senior executives, and handled challenges ranging from crisis management to crafting powerful copy. 

Simon Judges

Simon Judges shrubI’ve worked for over twenty years in various marketing and PR channels – on and offline, national and regional, media, PR – agency and client-side, consumer and B2B.

Rupert Lewis

I help companies navigate the political and regulatory landscape, ensuring that their leadership teams are ideally placed and prepared to engage with key policymakers to support their companies’ reputational and commercial objectives.