Fourteen Forty to promote Caple’s unsecured finance service to growing businesses

Caple, the alternative SME credit specialist, has appointed Fourteen Forty to help raise its profile in the small and medium business finance market.

The agency will help Caple raise the profile of its service which facilitates long-term unsecured loans of between £500,000 and £5 million to small and mid-sized businesses.

These are often the firms that typically have difficulty raising money without assets to put up for security to banks, making risky personal guarantees or diluting their ownership.

Fourteen Forty will help promote Caple’s service where loans are originated through local partner networks of accountants and business advisory firms.

Dominic Buch, co-founder and managing partner of Caple, said: “Ten years after the financial crash, it is still difficult for SMEs to raise debt finance for growth or management succession.  Fourteen Forty has an excellent grasp of the issues and the audiences we need to reach and how we can help businesses break through this barrier”.

James Boyd-Wallis, director at Fourteen Forty, said: “Caple is a fantastic business which plays to our strengths, working with senior management to tell an effective business story about helping other businesses succeed”.

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