Fourteen Forty to help global fintech Paysend build its brand and reputation

Paysend, the global fintech based in the UK, has appointed Fourteen Forty to help it build its brand and reputation among users, the fintech industry and investors.

Fourteen Forty will help Paysend build its brand around the proposition it developed that “moving money changes lives” around the world.

Alberto Macciani, global CMO at Paysend, said: “Moving money changes lives and a generation of new internationalist workers, students and expats are living their lives without borders.  Fourteen Forty has an excellent grasp of the issues and the audiences we need to reach to build our brand and reputation.”

James Boyd-Wallis, director at Fourteen Forty, said: “Paysend is a fantastic company with huge growth potential.  It plays to our strengths, working with senior management to tell a compelling story around supporting new internationalist workers to thrive and helping businesses to succeed.”

Launched just two years ago, Paysend now has more than 1.5m users for its Global Transfers service.  The growth of Paysend reflects the rise of people who are increasingly living their lives across borders.  They work in one country but have family commitments in another.

World Bank figures show that there are now 270m people worldwide who live outside their home country, sending an estimated $689bn home.

Paysend’s newly launched Global Account enables users to pay, hold and spend their money when travelling through a multi-currency wallet, removing many of the usual fees.

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