Media relations

Many firms pride themselves on driving high volumes of coverage.  Our focus is different.  We believe in creating headlines that will have an impact on the bottom line.  Quality trumps quantity.  So we focus on securing media coverage for clients that will help propel their business forwards.

This involves a keen eye for a good story and a deft hand working with top-tier journalists and editors.

We have helped:

  • Measure social impact: our work with social impact measurement experts 60 Decibels is a great example. It aims to reach supply chain and CSR leaders in the coffee and cacao industries in particular.  Our programme led to coverage in the Financial Times, The Grocer, and Confectionery International.
  • Search for social unicorns: for the London School of Economics, we launched a hunt for “Social Unicorns” – social enterprises with high impact potential – to join its new 100x Impact Accelerator. Forbes, Next Billion, and Techloy covered the story – and over 100 ventures signed up in the first week after launch.
  • Put PCR testing at the point of need: we developed a platform for UK diagnostics maker QuantuMDx to communicate the importance of PCR testing at the “point of need” – such as A&E departments and care homes. The Daily Mail, The Express, and a clutch of trade titles ran the story.
  • Raise the profile of diagnostic testing: in the darkness of the pandemic, before antibody tests were part of the national vocabulary, we secured a Daily Telegraph front page when our client launched the lateral flow tests it had pioneered in a fraction of the usual time.
  • Promote remote technology to keep businesses running: we helped Questionmark make the case through the Daily Telegraph for the importance of using remote technology for staff assessments in the early days of the lockdown.

Our services

1. Communications, marketing and campaign planning: communications planning, integrated campaigning

2. Reputation management and corporate comms: thought leadership, stakeholder and media engagement, crisis and issues management, public affairs

3. Marketing and communications content: content creation, media relations, lead generation and sales support, videos, podcasts and events