Content creation

Content that connects

For us, content is not simply about writing, though good writing is critical.

Content is about connecting with an audience, in the right way, to encourage them to change what they think, feel or do.  It may be to drive response and generate leads, or it may be to shape a climate of opinion or a policy response.

That means we think expansively about the best way to tell a story, how to engage the right people and what sort of content to create that they will engage with.

This may point to a regular nurture programme, an email campaign, social content, graphics, punchy long-form reports, media materials, podcasts, or video.

We produce dozens of reports, white papers and blog posts every year, not to mention award-winning video magazines, podcasts and virtual events.

Our content programmes have:

  • Established champions: positioning Xero as campaigners against late payments and champions of small businesses
  • Driven sales: for testing and evaluation provider Questionmark, we devised a series of regular reports, tackling topics like staff retention, addressing bias informed decision making
  • Proven the science: we set out the value of point-of-use COVID-19 antibody testing for Abingdon Health, when the pandemic was at its peak and vaccines weren’t yet available
  • Built social media followings: increased followers for our clients’ experts by over 40 percent in a matter of months

Our services

1. Communications, marketing and campaign planning: communications planning, integrated campaigning

2. Reputation management and corporate comms: thought leadership, stakeholder and media engagement, crisis and issues management, public affairs

3. Marketing and communications content: content creation, media relations, lead generation and sales support, videos, podcasts and events