Changemakers: poetry and AI, chip wars, artificial wombs, Ig Nobels

Marc Abrahams, creator of the Ig Nobel Prizes, speaks at the 2003 ceremony. The first ceremony was held in 1991

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  • Never mind coding and applied linguistics.  Poetry and creative writing are today’s in-demand jobs for AI startups.
  • Has China won the chip wars?  The launch of a “China first” mobile handset could have lasting consequences for western chip companies  (paywall).
  • Artificial wombs could dramatically improve the life chances of very premature babies, early evidence suggests.  Though they’re unlikely to be appearing in maternity units soon.
  • The Ig Nobel Awards celebrate silly science done properly. This year’s laureates include reanimated dead spiders, electrified chopsticks, and the so-called “jamais vu” effect.

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