Weak Links: Autumn’s political landscape. Inclusive comms. How to get a book deal

Weak Links from Fourteen Forty Communications

Three short reads to inform, refresh, and reinvigorate, from our Weak Links newsletter.

Labour set for a juggling act as they as they eye up the keys to Downing Street

Charles Fletcher, of Navigate Politics, predicts the key political battlegrounds to watch once Parliament returns after the Summer Recess.

To untap brand value, communicating inclusively and accessibly matters

Suzy Christopher and Anna Parisi, of Untapped, discuss ways of engaging with the world’s largest minority group – disabled people.

From PR experimenting to published author

Fourteen Forty’s Gareth Streeter began blogging to get a feel for how PRs interact with influencers.  He ended up with 60,000 followers and a publishing contract. Here’s how it happened.

“Weak Links?”

In 1973 Stanford Professor Mark Granovetter’s “the strength of weak ties” argued that weak links, between people with different opinions, help new and unfamiliar ideas spread.

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