Weak Links #9: time to bounce back

How should business rebuild post Cover-19?

The first anniversary of Covid-19 in the UK is drawing close.  Businesses have done what they can to survive and now must plan how to bounce back.  

But how should firms communicate around these challenges?  Is remote working here to stay?  How should responsible firms behave?  

Creating a responsible culture
Sandra Macleod, of Echo Research, looks at lessons from recent saints and sinners using the formula: ‘Reputation = Performance less Expectations’.
Rethinking your business messages?
Paul Farrow, consultant and coach, on what the second lockdown could mean for how firms review and shape the stories they are telling. 
Three things responsible firms do
Guy Corbet, of Fourteen Forty, argues that businesses which have behaved with quiet dignity during the pandemic have shown three things in common.
Is remote working the ‘new normal’?
Sam Dumitriu, think tank research director, argues for the importance of developing personal weak links for remote working to succeed long term. 

“Weak Links?”

In 1973 Stanford Professor Mark Granovetter’s “the strength of weak ties” argued that weak links, between people with different opinions, help new and unfamiliar ideas spread.

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