Weak Links #10: getting back to business

How should business prepare for 2021?

The vaccine is enabling politicians, business and the public to contemplate a return to normal.  But, as the Chancellor says, “the economic emergency is just beginning”.

So, how can businesses and brands adapt to and benefit from the changes in consumer behaviour? What should they do to prepare their people and their workplaces for the return?  How can we tackle late payments for good?

We hope you enjoy this edition of Weak Links and we wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

2021 on a plate – what comes next?
Alex Smith, of The Story, looks at four vital food and drink trends (and opportunities) for 2021, based on this year’s pandemic lessons.
The return to the office
Katie Simpson, of Hanson Search, makes four predictions for what firms should consider as they and their employees return to business as usual.
How to end the late payment crisis
Guy Corbet, of Fourteen Forty, argues renaming late payments as “unapproved debt” will get bills paid quicker, boosting growth and jobs.
The rise of “conversational commerce”
Laura Beaumont, of tech firm Infobip, discusses how brands can make use of conversational commerce in the run up to Christmas.

“Weak Links?”

In 1973 Stanford Professor Mark Granovetter’s “the strength of weak ties” argued that weak links, between people with different opinions, help new and unfamiliar ideas spread.

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