Weak Links #8: now for the recovery

Every recovery starts with a single step

Time to start rebuilding

Until now, many businesses have focused on survival in the face of the unknown.  But the time has come to start rebuilding and looking to a better future.

What role should businesses play in the recovery?  How should firms tell fresh stories for the new world?  How can leaders best support their people, and help them give their best?

Leading through uncertainty

Rebecca Walker suggests that leaders should stop seeking answers and instead focus on asking the right questions.

Six steps to prepare for recovery

Guy Corbet on shaping fresh stories to help businesses and brands rebuild for the new world.

Is the content bubble about to burst?

Diane Banks asks whether the entertainment content bubble is about to burst given excess supply and finite viewing time.

Recognising business heroes

Gareth Streeter argues it’s time to recognise the contribution that business has made during the crisis, helping both customers and employees.

“Weak Links?”

In 1973 Stanford Professor Mark Granovetter’s “the strength of weak ties” argued that weak links, between people with different opinions, help new and unfamiliar ideas spread.

We hope you enjoy this Covid19-focused version of Weak Links, our newsletter, where we try and get outside the echo chamber.  In this newsletter, we thought it would be interesting to get inside of it and see how business begins to rebuild.

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