Weak Links: General Election special

What next for the Conservatives in Government?  Now the real contest for power and influence.

The Conservatives have a clear majority.  But the struggle for power is not over.  Factions within the party will now vie for control, to implement their version of conservatism.

What’s the likely impact on business and economy?  Here we look at the two likely factions and what to look out for over the next few days.

When two tribes go to war.  Now the contest for power can begin.

The early indicators: five moves to look out for in the coming days.

Fourteenforty Election Image

“Weak Links?”

In 1973 Stanford Professor Mark Granovetter’s “the strength of weak ties” argued that weak links, between people with different opinions, help new and unfamiliar ideas spread.

We hope you enjoy the special edition of Weak Links, our newsletter, where we normally try and get outside the echo chamber.  In this newsletter, we thought it would be interesting to get inside of it instead.

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