Building reputation credit

Demonstrating industry leadership

Too often, the expression “thought leadership” is used as a substitute for both thought and leadership. It is not thoughtful, and it doesn’t lead anything.

But demonstrating how a business leads in its industry is critical.

For us that is the end goal. To help clients articulate what it is about what they do that really does deserve wider attention. Then to ensure that they get that attention, from the right people.

Good thought leadership should be the jewel in the crown of a communications programme, whether content marketing, driving sales, stakeholder engagement, media relations, or in the war for talent. 

Done well, it delivers return on investment like nothing else.  

Stakeholder and media engagement

Winning over the right people

The critical audience might be the journalists that write for a key target audience, or a group of stakeholders and influencers that will set the weather.

The principles are similar. We start by identifying who those crucial influencers are, what they think now and what might convert them to our cause.

We look at what we know about them already, how we can reach them and what we’ll need to be able to tell them to win them over.

Then we look at building that evidence, sharing it with them and bringing them around.

Our engagement work isn’t limited to media relations, but coverage speaks for itself.

Crisis and issues management

Protecting and promoting reputation, when it really matters

Hard times call for fresh thinking. Very often you won’t know you need it until you do. Then it needs to be quick and clear, informed and often bold. That only comes with practice.

The core members of our team have been on the inside of some of the biggest news stories you can remember. And many that you didn’t hear about.

We have the experience to give objective advice focused on the end game when the temptation might be to think only short term. What’s more, we deliver practical support.

Our individual expertise covers the range of audiences that need to be engaged: media, employees, the investment community, customers, consumers, corporate, stakeholders and government.

As importantly, we understand how they interact, where one field ends and the next one begins.

Planning and preparation

The best way of dealing with a crisis is to be prepared for one. That’s why we offer a comprehensive issues-mapping, monitoring and scenario-planning service to complement our crisis management.

We help identify the biggest communications risks. We can set up an issues radar to capture media, online and stakeholder chatter. We will create the tools and frameworks to manage and mitigate these risks.  

Public Affairs

Creating the right business environment

We bring a different approach to public affairs. We recognise that politics is important, but it’s delivery that counts. It’s about more than contacts. Content and relevance are key.

Building influence and shaping the policy agenda, requires innovative ideas to help tackle the big policy challenges. They must be good for consumers, good for business, and at minimal cost to the Treasury. They must deliver more for less.

This means grounding activity in policy insights and understanding of the issues. That’s how we help clients craft the right response and communicate it effectively.

We may be focusing on a specific policy outcome, helping influence broader stakeholder audiences or shaping the climate of popular opinion.

Above all though, we start with the impact the client is after, and build from there.

We are members of the Register of Consultant Lobbyists.