The collapse of trust in business and politics over the past decade is taking its toll, making it harder for businesses and brands to operate.

Too often businesses are made to feel like they should apologise for doing well, sometimes even for being in business at all.  That’s why we believe in making the case for business.

We hear clients say they are tired of getting the same old answers from agencies. Tired of being sold to, regardless of what their business really needs. Tired of bold promises, then seeing work left to inexperienced consultants.

These new challenges call for a new type of agency.

We are harnessing an expert and dedicated core team with the experience of a network of specialist independent consultants and the cream of younger talent.

This combination means we can deliver the best solution for our clients, develop creative ideas that work, handle the most complex and challenging briefs, and attract and develop the best talent.

Our name, Fourteen Forty, comes from the year the printing press was invented.  This enabled mass communications.  It quickly inspired more social, political and economic upheaval than at any time until the current digital revolution.

Our guiding principles


We understand that peer-groups change minds. We work with networks not against them


We challenge assumptions, groupthink and quick-fixes over long-term solutions


We know actions are more important than words. If a company isn’t prepared to act, communications can’t always help


We focus on outcomes over outputs. What we do must be measurable

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